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Our mission is to provide high-quality, value-based anesthesia services in the office-based, surgery center, and hospital arenas. We provide both clinical and administrative services, and are available for long-term and limited-duration contractual services to hospitals and surgery centers.

Our office-based anesthesia services build on the work of Mobile Anesthesiologists, based out of Chicago. We provide turn-key anesthesia solutions which transform a typical dental, surgical, or procedural office into surgery-center level services.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is anesthesia? An artificially induced state of mind by the administration of drugs and or gases.

Who will provide my anesthesia? A Medical Doctor who is Board Certified for anesthesia. 

What should I expect? You should expect your anesthesiologist to administer an accurate measurement of medicine to you and monitor you during your procedure. Your anesthesiologist will also meet with you before and after your procedure takes place to inform and evaluate you.

Why cant I eat or drink before anesthesia? During the effects of anesthesia, protective reflexes are lost. This means it makes it harder for you to cough or throw up while anesthetized. Eating before surgery could lead to aspirating gastric content, where your liquids/solids are forced into your lungs instead of out of your mouth. This is harmful to your lungs. 

What are possible side affects of anesthesia? Anesthesia affects everyone differently but possible side affects include drowsiness, nausea, headaches, and sore throat. 

Do I need an escort to accompany me to and from the surgery? Yes, it is required that a responsible adult is available to listen to discharge information and provide transportation since you will not be able to drive. 

What should I wear to my procedure? It is recommended to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.

What should I or should I not do after my procedure? Your post operation nurse will provide clear instructions for you to follow for the next 24 hours after your procedure. They will also call the day after to check in on you. 


More information on the different types of anesthesia, possible side effects, and the risks. 


General frequently asked questions from Mobile Anesthesiologists Website


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